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Selasa, 22 September 2015

Batosay: New Sign With Interlude Records

We very proudly to present announcement new roster.
Batosay formed in 2006 is Power Metal from Indonesia based in Ciamis, they will be release first EP "Eagle Hunt" via Interlude Records. Containing 6 song taken from their single last years and 1 single release in 2015 with lyrical theme about love and fantasy. Release date and artwork will reveal soon.

1. Eagle Hunt
2. Last Fortune
3. Lost Angel
4. your mistake
5. Horizon
6. Horizon (New Version)

Rhona   - Vocal
Ari     - Guitar
Okvi    - Guitar
Reddy   - Bass
Aryanto - Drum

Batosay on facebook:

Check new single "Eagle Hunt"