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Kamis, 21 Januari 2016

Press Release Valerian - Stardust Revelation


After waiting for so long time, finally in February 20, 2016 Valerian ready to blasting and mesmerizing the listeners with it full length album titled "Stardust Revelation". This album will be released by Interlude Records in Audio CD format which consist of 10 tracks which each track has a glorious power yet ear catchy just like the other songs in early Valerian album "Dawn of New Hope".
Not only releasing  full length album, Valerian also prepare a first debut music video titled "Glorious Anthem" which will be publicized soon before the release date of the album.
With the release of this new album, Valerian hopes that it could give a glimpse of revelation in metal music industry, especially in Indonesia. Besides that, the composition and arrangement in each song are made to satisfy the listeners and introduce them to the new era of power metal genre.

VALERIAN Is a band Came From Surabaya City ,Indonesia formed since 2004,

We Are :
Ridwan – Vocals
Dimas – Guitar / Back Vocals
Harman – Guitar
Verrel – Drums
Daniel – Keyboard/Synth/Back Vocals
Edo – Bass

Discograhpy :
- Dawn Of New Hope (2009)
- Indonesian Power Metal Compilation (2015)
- Stardust Revelation (2016)       

For Further Info :
Dimas Valerian (+6281803224212)